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The Online Roulette Wheel

play roulette online at Rushmore Casino

Players who decide to play roulette online will be glad to know that they can still expect to see the great design of the roulette wheel in front of them.

The roulette wheels online look exactly like the real thing. Graphics have come so far that players will still be able to feel the full excitement of seeing that wheel spin and waiting for the ball to finally fall.

Most of the online casinos offering roulette including Rushmore Casino provide players with a vibrant roulette with a very realistic design so they can enjoy their online roulette experience as much as they should.

play roulette at Rushmore Casino

The image above is the online roulette at Rushmore Casino. It just takes a few minutes to install the roulette software and to make a deposit, as they take credit cards (and American players are welcome). And you will get a 100% bonus on your first two deposits for a total up to $888.

Roulette wheels are captivating, interesting, and exciting because of their fabulous design.

There's something about the look of a roulette wheel which calls players to it. Maybe this is one of the things that have made roulette one of the most popular of all of the casino games. Roulette wheels will either have one 0 or two 00's depending on whether it is a European roulette wheel or an American roulette wheel. The European roulette wheel with that one 0 is the most popular.

European Roulette is a very popular choice that is a favorite with many players.

The roulette wheel has 36 numbers on it, which are evenly divided between black and red numbers. The colors and numbers go all the way around the wheel, giving the wheel a very clean and sleek look to it.

However, the American version has that same design, with the added 00 ("double zero") on it. The American roulette wheel does offer the house an extra advantage due to the fact that it has that one extra number on the wheel. If the ball falls on zero or double zero, the house wins all bets.

This give the casino a 5.26 percent edge in the case of the American roulette. The European wheel only offers the house a 2.70 percent advantage, as there is just one zero. In other words, the house edge is about twice as much with the American Roulette than with the European Roulette. This is one major reason why most players choose to stick with the European roulette wheel.


Always play European Roulette for the better odds.

The roulette casino wheel is very attractive looking and one more thing that adds to the excitement is the display of black and red colors it offers when it begins to slow down. The zero and double zero have the green color.

The numbers that are on a standard roulette wheel will be situated in pairs. It will also have a fixed bowl as well as an inner wheel with numbers on it. The outside area which is for betting will consist of slots of red or black, even or odd numbers, and different combination options. One thing is sure, the roulette wheel was built to entertain and it does that. Even the online wheels have a way of bringing excitement to the players.

The best way to learn more is to try roulette on line at an Internet casino such as Rushmore Casino.

play roulette online at Rushmore Casino


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