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This article is about roulette tricks. But first let's be clear. There is no trick that will let you systematically win at roulette. Similarly the online casinos recommended on this website do not trick you either, and the result of each roulette spin is perfectly random. So the roulette tricks in this article are just the best common-sense tricks you should be aware of.

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When to Quit and When to Chase Your Loss

Roulette is a great game of chance and players can get the most out of playing roulette if they approach it with an optimistic and easy going outlook. However, if players are profit-minded, they need to play with a planned strategy, failing which they will find themselves in a frustrating situation.

One of the most wonderful things about roulette strategy is that there are no fixed strategies that will definitely help players win. Although players cannot use strategy to alter the outcome of a roulette spin, they can definitely use it to increase their chances of winning.

One of the best tricks a roulette expert can give to a novice is "know when to quit and when to chase one's losses." In other words, players should know exactly when to end a roulette session and understand when it is futile to chase their losses.

When to Quit

Before sitting at a game of roulette, you should determine exactly how much you can afford to lose at the table. You should make a firm decision that you will stop playing as soon as you have lost that amount of money. For instance, if a player tells himself that he cannot afford to lose more than $50 at the roulette table, he has to stop playing at any cost if he loses that amount.

Similarly, you should also determine the exact amount that you would like to win before ending the session. As soon as you have won the pre-determined account, you should end the session. If a player gets greedy and continues playing, he might find himself losing not only what he has won, but also part of his remaining bankroll.

Playing roulette, therefore, requires a lot of self-discipline. It is definitely not meant for those players who cannot stick to their own rules.

Chasing Losses

Chasing one's losses is one of the worst mistakes a roulette player can make. Before sitting down at a game of roulette, players should be ready to take whatever the game might offer them-victory or loss. They may win their bets or they may lose and they should be ready to take both in a calm state of mind.

Another golden rule is to avoid wagering one's winnings because there is a chance of losing them. Simultaneously, players should never wager money that they know they cannot afford to lose.

You must understand that gambling at roulette is entertainment, not a profit making activity. So, if you find yourselves losing continuously at the online roulette table, you must understand that it is time to quit and not keep on playing in the hope of suddenly striking it rich.

What Players Control

Smart roulette players know exactly what they can control in a game of roulette. They can choose their online casinos, the type of betting they want to make, the amount they would like to win and afford to lose and the size of the bets placed, to mention a few.

But they cannot control the outcome of one spin of the roulette wheel, owing to which they must stick to their own roulette rules of quitting a session and chasing losses.


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