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The four roulette betting types

The game of roulette comes from a French word meaning a "small wheel". This game is universally known except for tribal people. But if you have a TV, you know roulette. What you might not know is that there are four popular variations of the game of roulette.

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Online players who want to play some exciting online roulette will be glad to know that they will be able to find the type they have been looking to enjoy at an online casino. There are four popular types of roulette games which online players will have no problem locating on a good online casino. By learning about the different types of roulette you can choose from, you the player will be able to play the one that gives you the gaming you have been looking forward to enjoying.

European Roulette is a very popular choice that is a favorite with many players.

This type of roulette is very similar to the American version. There is one major difference and that is the fact that the European roulette wheel doesn't have that extra 00 that the American version has. It only has the 'single zero', no "double zero'.

A lot of gamblers like this because it means that they will have better odds since the wheel doesn't have that extra space. There are a lot of online casinos offering players the ability to enjoy European roulette right on their computer. Since this is a very popular version, there are a lot of online casinos for players to choose from in which they can play it on.


American Roulette is another popular type of roulette and there are also a lot of online casinos which offer players the ability to enjoy it as well. As stated above, there is one main difference between the American version and the European version. The American version does have that extra 00 that the European version doesn't. Even though this does give players slightly worse odds of winning it is still a very popular game that has become a favorite of many players.

French Roulette is still another version and it also has many similarities to the European and American version. The French version is a sort of redesign of the European roulette version. The game is played the same way, but the table has been changed to have a different appearance. There are also a lot of online casinos that offer this version for their players to enjoy.

Racetrack Roulette is one more popular type of roulette game. Racetrack roulette can be found in both the European and American versions. The difference is that racetrack roulette has an added betting area to it. This added betting area allows players to bet on those popular combinations. A lot of online casinos offer racetrack roulette for their players.

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