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The Bellagio

Even if you have never been to Vegas, there are certain names that you will recognize. The Bellagio is one of those names. It projects an image of class and elegance, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

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History of the Bellagio

The Bellagio is a hotel and casino that is located on the Vegas strip. It was inspired by an Italian town by the same name, located near Lake Como. The casino has a Lake Como as well, which is where the famous fountain shows take place every hour for those passing by.

The hotel opened in 1998, housing over 4,000 rooms and also providing space for various restaurants and shops. The Bellagio was then bought by MGM in 2000, which still owns the property to this day. After the change of ownership, the Bellagio began to become a location for films like Ocean's 11 and Lucky You.

The Bellagio Casino

The casino has one of the most recognized poker rooms in Las Vegas. In the center lies Bobby's room, a room that is separated and where many high stakes games are played. Regulars who play in Bobby's room include Doyle Brunson, Eli Elezra and Phil Ivey. There are also several other tables placed around the center one, with all 40 tables allowing up to 10 people.

The Bellagio appears to house more aggressive poker players than other casinos. This may be due in part to the fact that the most famous players plat there, and plenty of European and online players come to the Bellagio for the challenge. This aggressiveness adds an extra layer of tension, a feature some like and some do not if they prefer more peaceful games.

Staff at the Bellagio

There are several poker managers who are available on any given night, and they all fulfill their job duties very well. The manager may also put a waiting player on a waiting list, allowing you to wait for a seat if you want to play at the same table as your friends.

The dealers at the Bellagio are very fast, but can come off as a little arrogant at times. They do not interact with players as well as they could, which could be seen as a negative aspect.

The lowest stakes that are available are $1/$2 No Limit, which has a minimum of $100 buy in. The maximum for the buy in can go up to $200. The rake is 10% with a maximum of $4.

You can also use your MGM card at the Bellagio, which makes both staying and playing very convenient. You simply hand your card to the dealer and the dealer will log you out after you have finished playing the game.

In the end, the Bellagio is a very beautiful hotel with many things to see inside. The casino is very fast paced and the winnings can be big. However, if you cannot deal with a faster pacing in poker or somewhat rude dealers, it may be beneficial to look into the hotel before you go.

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