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This article is about roulette systems. But first let's be clear. There is no system that will let you systematically win at roulette. The only way to win at roulette is to be lucky, and to quit while you are ahead. Because otherwise if you play roulette online for a long time, the house will ultimately catch up with you. So this summary of roulette systems is for information only.

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So back to roulette systems. Below is a list of the major known systems.

The martingale system - This is the most famous roulette system. Let's say you always play red. If you win fine, that is your profit. If you lose, double your bet and bet red again. If you win this will cover more than your initial loss, so it is a net profit. If you lose, double again and bet red again... Ultimately red will come at some point, and the profit you will make will cover all losses as you double each time. This is a great system, but if there is a long series of losses, you may get bankrupt or reach the house limit before you hit red again.

The d'Alembert system - This system is similar to the martingale system, expect that you do not raise your bet size by that much (less than doubling). What you should do is as before choose a color and always bet on it, like red. Start with a medium size bet. If you win, then bet a little bit less. If you lose, bet a little more. So each time you change your bet size a little bit accoriding to how you did. The idea is that given that on average there will be as many red than black outcomes, by knowing that a color just came out, you expect it to be less likely to come out again next.

The three two system - This is another simple system that has stood the test of time. There are two ways to play the 'three two system'. Either bet on the second column and bet on red, or bet on the third column and bet on back. This system has the advantage of simplicity while covering about 70% of all pockets. So it somehow reverses the normal situation where players rarely win. With this type of betting you will win often, about 70% of the time. So for players who like the psychological confort of winning often, this is a great system, but it does not make the house edge disappear.

The Andrucci system - This system is based on 'Chaos Theory' which considers the outcome of the roulette wheel for a small number of spins, like a few hundreds. As it was observed that often the same numbers will come up a few times while others do not win at all, the 'Andrucci System' consists in betting on numbers that came out recently. So if you play roulette on line, first observe the results of the wheel for 25 to 50 spins, then pick a number that came out already, once or twice. As this number is believed to have a higher chance to win again.

If you wonder how to win at roulette, you certainly need good luck in the short-term. To be honest none of these systems can beat the roulette, but it is fun to try them and see how they do for you. As we said, on average the casino wins, but you can win too.


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