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How to Win at Roulette

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A lot of mathematicians have studied the chances and probabilities of winning at roulette and have determined that each available bet has the same house advantage.

The chances of winning, however, remains the same no matter what method of betting you choose. Spins are random, and are not dependent on previous spins.

There are however, some tips that you could put to use. The first step is to choose the right table. There are two wheels available: the European (with 37 slots), and the American (38 slots, with an additional double zeros).

Now according to basic computations, the European wheel gives you better chances at winning because fewer slots means fewer possibilities for the ball to fall on a number or color you haven't placed your bet on.

Now that you have chosen the table that has better odds for you, the next thing you should know is that betting systems for roulette simply do not work.

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There are several of these readily available over the internet, the prices of which range from a couple couple of cents to a few dollars. All of these, however, operate on a flawed logic, as any person with a basic understanding of mathematics will tell you.

The best thing players could do is to have a good understanding of all the available bets. For easier and faster returns, we will focus on 1:1 payout bets.

Bets placed on, Red or Black, Even or Odd, and High (17 to 36) or Low (1 to 18), will win an equal amount if the ball falls on any of these. Now the only real way of winning at roulette is if you get lucky.

To win at a casino game where the house has the advantage (unlike blackjack) you need to place as large a bet as you can, and play as little as possible. This is the reason why casinos impose a betting limit on roulette, both in live casinos or if you play roulette online.

If bets are spread out on several spins, the house will have more chances of wining, especially with the natural house advantage that roulette has. So if you're really hell-bent on winning big at roulette, place the maximum amount on 1:1 payout bets as these have 50-50 chances.

If you are spreading out your money on different bets, each favoring the house as is the case of most bets in roulette, you will sooner or later lose your entire roulette bankroll.

The best way to learn more is to try roulette at an online casino such as Rushmore Casino.

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