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How to Manage Your Roulette Bankroll

All online roulette players are aware of the significance of the term 'bankroll management'.

Although bankroll management is extremely important for successful gambling, there is no single bankroll management philosophy or technique to suit all roulette players

This is because players tend to have different wagering habits; some enjoy placing large bets and taking huge risks, while others are cautious and prefer placing small-sized bets. Most players take moderate risks while placing bets. Roulette is popular among all types of players because it offers a wide range of betting options.

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Here are some tips to help players manage their roulette bankrolls.

Establish Your Betting Limits

Before playing a game of roulette, players should determine how much they would like to win. For instance, if players set a goal of winning $10, they should limit themselves to spending no more than 2 times that amount on wagering activities. Once players have exhausted $20 or won $10, it is time to quit the game.

Note that it does not matter if you use one of the roulette systems, as the risk and rewards remain the same.

Make Monthly Plans

Alternatively, players can calculate how much money they can afford to lose per month playing roulette and split up this amount into smaller amounts for each playing session. Players should never exceed this amount come what may. Bankroll management experts say that players can withdraw 50 percent of their monthly roulette winnings if any while the remaining 50 percent should be considered part of the next month's bankroll.

Determine A Cashing Out Rule

Irrespective of how players choose to manage their roulette bankrolls, they are required to withdraw the initial amount they invested after winning a substantial amount playing roulette. For instance, if players made a deposit of $100 and decided to spend $50 per session and won $200, players should withdraw $100 and leave the rest in their casino accounts. Thus, they can rest assured that they have got back their investment and are playing with money won playing roulette at the online casino, not their hard-earned salary.

Tips for High Risk Players

One of the most wonderful things about roulette is that it has a wide range of bets, but the house advantage for each bet is the same. Players who enjoy the thrills of taking big risks must place bets with large payouts, such as the Dozen Bet with a payout of 5 - 1, the Split Bet with a payout of 17 - 1, the Street Bet with a payout of 11 - 1 and the Single Bet with a payout of 35 - 1.

Tips for Low Risk Players

Players who do not like taking huge risks can place even money bets, which are the easiest to win. These are red/black bets, odd/even bets and bets placed on the range of first 18 numbers or the range of last 18 numbers.

Tips for Mid Risk Players

Players who do not like to risk too much or too little can assign around one-fourth of their bankroll to high-risk bets and the rest on low-risk bets. If they get lucky, they can place more high-risk bets and if they get unlucky, they can place more low-risk bets. This helps them conserve their bankrolls better.


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