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The Martingale System

The Martingale System is probably one of the most famous and widely used betting systems for players who try to come out on top against the casino.

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The Martingale betting system is really simple and easy to understand.

The player basically follows two simple rules: to double the bet if you lose, and to start over with the original bet when you win. The main principle is that, even if you lose a few times in a row, when you finally win the succeeding round, you will eventually win enough to cover all your previous losses.

When applied to roulette, the system has some basic procedures that need to be followed. A player should start off by selecting an even bet like odd or even, red or black, high or low, and so on. It is important that the player stick with this system for the whole session of the game.

Now the player needs to choose the lowest limit available. If the table has a lower betting limit of $2, you should initiate a bet for $2. If, for example, the player loses, he should double the bet and make it $4 on the next spin.

And if he still loses, he should again double the bet to make it $8. If for this example the player wins at the $8 bet, he should have recovered the money he lost on his previous bets including some additional profit (he lost $6 and won $8 so the profit is $2). Right after the player wins, his next bet should start over with the lowest amount, which is $2.

As with every gambling activity, it is important to have enough funds to successfully go through successive losses. This system though, is far from perfect. Consecutive losses are in fact very statistically possible. Be prepared to dish out huge amounts of money in order to keep playing despite consecutive losses.


This system is best played in a short period of time. In Roulette, as with most casino games, the house will always have the edge. If you've already won a considerable amount, don't wait for the house edge to kick in.

Where to Play Roulette online

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This is fun and you can win a lot of money playing roulette.

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