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Roulette is a fun game that is easy to play and understand; however, it is somehow risky to play real money and players can easily get frustrated while playing roulette if they fail to win.

Although the rules of roulette are quite easy to understand, roulette has a wide range of betting options that can easily overwhelm the beginner. Here are a few roulette tips to help players get comfortable with playing online roulette.

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Play European Roulette

Always choose the European version as the American roulette version has twice as much house edge. There is absolutely no upside in playing American Roulette.

Start playing free roulette

The best online casinos in the industry offer free online roulette as well as real play roulette and beginners are advised to start playing for free. This helps them learn the rules and strategies of the game without losing a lot of money. Once they gain the required knowledge and confidence, they can start playing real money roulette.

Understand betting strategies

There are a number of roulette betting systems, which you should not use unless you have understood them properly. Most of these betting systems advocate doubling bets after winning or losing a game, which is not necessarily the best thing to do. In fact, experienced roulette players say that progression betting or betting double after losing or winning is a slow, but sure way of going broke. The best betting strategy is flat betting.

Don't drink while playing

Drinks are served free of charge at land-based casinos, but this does not mean that players should get drunk while spinning the roulette wheel. Playing while in a state of intoxication usually makes players make wrong decisions and lose a lot of money.

Don't play for profits

Roulette is never played for profit. Players should understand this basic fact before betting their hard-earned money on a roulette wheel. Roulette is a game of chance and the outcome of each spin of the wheel depends on Lady Luck alone. If players want to play roulette, they should do so in a spirit of fun.

Roulette strategy

Although there are books, online sources and CDs claiming to provide winning strategies, players must understand that there is no single strategy that can definitely help them win. The best roulette strategy is the one that players design for themselves based on their experience. In other words, players must create their own betting and quitting rules and stick to them no matter what.

Inside Bets vs. Outside Bets

Experienced roulette players have observed that Outside Bets have a lower chance of winning while Inside Bets have a higher chance of winning. Players should therefore place more Inside Bets than Outside Bets. Players should also avoid betting on what they believe to be their "lucky numbers."

Roulette bankroll management

Roulette bankroll management is of great importance for roulette players. Players should first determine how much they can afford to lose and how much they would like to win per roulette session. Once they have made this decision, they should stick to it and quit the game as soon as they have lost or won the pre-determined amount.

The golden rule of playing roulette is to never bet one's roulette winnings back on the roulette table.

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