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Hello, my name is George and thank you for visiting my website I am originally from Panama, but for now I live in Singapore where I have a job in the financial industry. You can see my fiancee Antonia. She came with me to Singapore when I got this job offer.

As the name says, this site is a guide about the game of roulette, trying to answer all questions a new player may have. One of my passion is games, but I am not an inveterate gambler, don't worry.


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So why did I start this site? The reason is the sad story of one of my childhood friends.

Back in Panama in our youth, we loved to play all sorts of games, like cards, chess, backgammon and others. Initially we played kid's games, but when we got to play cards, we began to bet small amounts of money, just for the fun.

For me this was never more than a hobby and I took it lightly, and I focused on my studies. But my friend got involved deeper and deeper in money games and gambling. He started to go to the casinos often, until he became a regular.

After we started to have jobs, he was still a very large gambler, sometimes wagering more than his entire monthly salary on some bet.

Progressively this habit drained him more and more. He became obsessed with his gambling habit, and it is now clear that he developed a serious gambling addiction. At the time we did not realize that, but unfortunately his story should be a warning to anyone who has a gambling problem. If you think that you or your friend have such a problem, contact a specialized service such as

So my friend got completely addicted to the game of roulette and he was betting larger and larger amounts. But he was losing money and he had to borrow from friends and family. He got more and more indebted until his family would not lend him more money.

At that point he was contacted by a loan shark who had heard that he was looking for money. He lent him a large sum of money. As you can expect he lost the money very fast. But the loan shark wanted to be repaid rapidly. As he could not pay, they first broke his legs, and he became crippled. This was so bad that he had to be in a wheelchair.

After a few more months and still unable to repay and with no sign of improvement in his financial situation, they finally murdered him by drowning him in the sea.

This website is in memory of my friend. The goal is not just to teach roulette, but more importantly to tech about the dangers of gambling. So if you decide to gamble, please do it in moderation.

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